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December 11th, 2015 11:43 pm

I took a walk and thought about the theme and ideas for a while.  Here’s some stuff I’m considering:

Life Roguelike

A sort of homage to Passage, instead of a time limit you have age.  Age gives you different abilities at different times.  Old people can’t jump so far (the “chasm” obstacle will turn red when you can’t make it) but your wisdom level (from reading books along the way) may be high enough to solve a “puzzle door”.  That type of thing.   I think this is the coolest idea but would take a lot of work, needs random generation of rooms and stuff.  I may go with this because it sounds like the most fun to work on, if not to play.


Airport Stacker

Catch luggage with left/right movement ala Kaboom! style, but allow things to stack using physics – move to the left or right to have them vacuumed up, the higher on the stack the bigger the combo.  It’s truly two button (or maybe X axis on the mouse), but “stacking” isn’t really growing.  If it’s too easy, make the “catcher” have a dome shape so it’s really hard to balance.  Physics stuff always takes longer than you plan and I have no idea if this would be any fun or not.  Good one to get “used” to Unity but not that appetizing creatively.


Grow Golf

Imagine a minigolf course, but you push/pull vertexes to create lumps to control the ball. Some areas can’t be changed so obstacles can be placed.  Not sure if “Prepare the course and then start to see how you did” or live-manipulation as the ball rolls would be better. This idea with pushing verts mixed with physics is a bit technical, not sure if Unity’s out of the box terrain stuff can handle real-time deformation like that. One possible limitation would be you can only RAISE ground, making it more true to the “growing” theme.
Hot Air Balloon

2D upwards scroller where you move left/right to avoid obstacles.  The catch is you can also hold down an “air” key which rapidly inflates your hot air balloon making it larger.  Letting go causes deflation so you’re small and can fit, and momentum will keep you moving fast for a while.  So pump it when you’re clear of things. Bigger means more points but you’re more likely to bump into things slowing you down or killing you. I don’t know… not sure this would be fun, would need some extra things.  Plus, expanding/contracting isn’t really growing.

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