I’m in! Super-excite!!!1!

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December 11th, 2015 10:45 am

This will be my umpth attempt at a Ludum Dare, with a few successes under my belt.

I haven’t used Phaser in forever, so I ran through the examples and basic techniques so I’d have them ready for whatever game I want to make. You can see my “template” here:

It’s a silly “game” about a local famous turkey:



I’ll be using

  • Phaser.js (OMG IT’S SOOO GOOD)
  • HTML(5)
  • Typescript / Javascript
  • VS 2015 Community and/or VS Code
  • Aseprite (pixel editing)
  • Gimp
  • Audacity
  • FFmpeg
  • Some custom tools to automagically convert *.ase files to *.png and to compress my audio for me

Things I always forget how to do (so I implemented them in this demo)

  • How do get a d*mn sprite on the screen
  • TileMap loading from Tiled
  • Particles
  • Right clicking arrrggh why is it so hard
  • Basic ui
  • Google web fonts
  • Getting sounds and music playing
  • Preloaders! Not needed for a game but soooo nice

Here’s the source. Feel free to use it to get started!



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