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December 11th, 2015 6:28 pm

Mandatory “I’m in” before candidate themes brainstorming and even more mandatory bedtime.

Goals for this LD: 
1: Less is more. Aim at something simpler and feasible.
2: Don’t look at the game through programmer lenses. Having a cool experience for players is more important here than code structure, architecture and whatnot.
3: Make a fun game and, of course, have fun making it.

Tools of the trade:
TECH: Either Haxe+[OpenFL|Flixel|]+FlashDevelop, or Unity5/C# + Visual Studio. Unlikely candidates: Game Maker, Pygame. Just in case, here’s the link to some old setup code built on top of Haxeflixel, plus some tilemap experiments that I’d done for Unity. Find them here.

Special guests:
ART: [GraphicsGale|Photoshop|Inkscape] + Texture Packer.
AUDIO: Bfxr + Audacity + [Famitracker |Bosca Ceoil] for sound and music.
LEVELS: Tiled for level editing depending on the game needs and the coding choice I end up making.
PLANNING: Trello for bookkeeping.

Good luck to everyone!

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