Will I; Won’t I?

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December 10th, 2015 9:33 pm

I think I’m in. I took the day off tomorrow to help prepare some base code (mainly to clean up my platforming physics library that I used in previous compos and to add some stat/prob stuff that I think would be useful) and to relearn how to use libGDX and Java since it’s been four months since the last time I even looked at that language and library.

But, as is normal for a person with a job, it keeps intruding! They scheduled my company’s Christmas party at 6:30PM on Friday and so to show willing I’m going to have to miss at least the first three hours. And tomorrow my gaming group is getting together– I’m DMing after a two month absence from being able to!

Anyway! Onto the good stuff:

Platform: Win8 64bit PC

IDE/Language: Java with Idea Intellij

Art: Table, Gimp and Spriter (If I can get some practice.)

Sound: Ah… Good question.

Base Library/Code: Alchemist’s Cause (Older version of libGDX.)


I’ll be refactoring what’s there over the next day or so to pull out the physics portion (and add in the ability to have Physics events have ‘call backs’ for various stuff) and likely try to make the ‘control’ system a little bit better. And probably add more comments. If work has taught me anything it’s that you always always always ALWAYS  need more comments (just like dots.)


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