Where does Jukedeck fit into LD

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December 10th, 2015 9:57 am


There is Jukedeck: https://www.jukedeck.com

It makes music based on genre, mood, speed and a rudimentary instrument choice. The music is quite good for automatically composed music. The authors of the site claim the copyright of the tracks. There is a license model, which grants you either usage rights (up to 5 downloads per month for free for individuals/small businesses) or transfers copyright to you (expensive).


Is it just a tool or is it automated creation? Who creates the music? Is it suited for Compo?


(My opinion is below the fold)


I think it is not suited for Compo, since it is more than a tool. The options are simple and most of the actual creation lies in the algorithm/AI. Saying “Hey, make a fast dark rock track with traditional instruments” is not a creative act. Compo requires everything made by you, so I think Jukedeck is out.

On the more philosophical aspect: I do not think this AI i quite advanced enough to be a creator in it’s own right, so the programmers who wrote and trained it are the real creators here. Although I think we are approaching the point of “artificial persons” quite fast, we are not there, yet.

I still think it is a great tool and fantastic if you need some placeholder music to create a mood without investing much time into composing and recording.

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3 Responses to “Where does Jukedeck fit into LD”

  1. tgrehawi says:

    I think (read: hope) that using it is within the compo rules; content generators are allowed and a similar (albeit outdated) program is listed right on the tools page (autotracker)

  2. I don’t think it’s an LD problem.. the problem is more, what will the juke guys say, if you download the song once, and then redistribute it to everybody playing your game?

    (The answer is probably nothing, but what if they don’t like it.. )

    • Rialgar says:

      The License is explicitly stating that you can redistribute as long as it is “embodied within your own Project” and not “within a downloadable template”. I am by far no law expert, but I do not think LD Games are downloadable templates but rather projects. In fact, games are explicitly listed as examples for “Project” in the License.

      Edit: I sent them an email to asked about this kind of redistribution.

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