I’m in! Suggestions for music tools please

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December 10th, 2015 5:08 pm

I’ll be using PhaserJS, Kolourpaint, bfxr, and maybe other tools like Gimp and Pulseboy.

Besides Pulseboy, what other free tools do you recommend for generating cool gaming music?



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  1. fragileannihilator says:

    Try cgMusic!

  2. rd127p77 says:

    I like LMMS, it is open source and Supports MIDI

  3. geckojsc says:

    I’d highly recommend SunVox!

    If you want a SunVox song to stand out I recommend to stay away from the DrumSynth (download some free drum samples instead), and the first thing you should do is change the waveform and envelope settings for your instrument. I mean hey I like slow release triangle waves as much as the next guy, just saying they a bit tiring after a while 😉

    If you don’t need the processing and FX and are going for a more conventional chip sound, you could try MilkyTracker, which uses only sample-based instruments.

    If you’re after a more conventional DAW (don’t like the tracker interface), Zynewave Poduim has a free version which is quite good.

  4. SuperDisk says:

    Check out PxTone or Organya.

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