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December 10th, 2015 2:41 pm

CHALLENGE TIME: How many final-roundย themes can you find in this picture?


First person to get them all, I’ll play your game first. Update: Prizes go to Viking Games and Evannex!

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  1. ViKing Games says:

    – One use only (One bullet on bottom-left)
    – Lose abilities as you progress (Controls on right crossed out)
    – Control the environment (Control panel on bottom-right)
    – Growing (Plants towards the left)
    – One massive enemy (Border is a huge snake)
    – Generations (“I AM OLD”)
    – Death is not the end (Ghost coming out of grave)
    – You are many (367 lives in bottom-left)
    – Only 3 Rules (Paper labelled 1, 2, and 3)
    – Stick Together (Two people going into the cave)
    – Strength in Numbers (367 lives in bottom-left)
    – Isolation (Person in the small room on the top-left)
    – Two button controls (Weather control panel has two buttons)
    – Colony (Setting seems to be in some sort of colony or town)
    – Four Elements (One on each part of LD34; L has wind, D has fire, 3 has water, and I’m not sure what the goo on 4 is, ice maybe?)
    – Unexplored (Signs with question marks)
    – Build your weapon (Ax parts)
    – Journey into the unknown (Cave with question marks)

    I couldn’t find Break It or Nonviolent combat.

    • rogual says:

      Most of those are right. Stick together isn’t what I was thinking of, but yours is just as good. Colony is wrong. Four elements is nearly right.

      Edit: Oh, strength in numbers is also something else. 367 lives was “you are many”.

      Edit 2: It’s over! Making a post-it note now: play viking & evannex’s games first :)

  2. Evannex says:

    OOhh this seems fun, should I list a number or list the themes I’ve found?

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