I’m… wait for it… in!

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December 9th, 2015 5:43 pm

Yup, I’m back. This time I’ll spend most of the time at the office of my company Resolution Games.

I’ll probably follow my ordinary process of waking up around 7 on Saturday morning (Central European Time), check out the theme, have a long breakfast while trying to focus on thinking about the theme, getting anxious around noon when I still have no idea, start sketching in the afternoon, then think what the hell, this idea will have to do. And five minutes before the deadline at 3 on Monday morning, I’ll still be coding before finally submitting and thinking of all the features I wish I had the time to implement.

These are the tools I’ll be using compared to last time (LD 32):

Game engine: Unity 5.2.1 (was: Unity 4). A new version with what looks like a bunch of nice features was released this week, but I’ve learned from experience that you don’t just upgrade your Unity version and expect everything to work. That’s why I used the old Unity 4 last time.

Programming language: C# (unchanged). That’s what most Unity developers use, I guess. I also tend to use Python for generating or converting data if needed.

Text editor/IDE: Vim (unchanged), but now with the OmniSharp plugin. After getting used to Vim, I have learned to prefer it as a text editor (Why I switched from Sublime to Vim). The OmniSharp plugin doesn’t work very well for me (user error maybe), so sometimes I switch over to MonoDevelop for some functionality.

Graphics: Gimp, Blender, Camera on my Nexus 5 (unchanged). I’m no artist, but those have served me well for my typically minimalistic graphics.

Audio: Zoom H2N, Bfxr (unchanged). I got good feedback for the voice acting in The Path of Least Resentment, which was recorded with the Zoom. I also made the sound effects with it, and ended up not using Bfxr.

Music: Caustic 3 on Samsung Galaxy Tab (unchanged). I like to take a break away from the keyboard to create the music.

Other tools: Git on GitHub (unchanged). Here’s the repo I prepared earlier. Watch it grow!

Computer: MacBook Pro (unchanged). There is a version of Unity for Linux out, but I haven’t dared trying it out, so I’ll use the Mac. As I’m developing VR games in my day job, I should really use Windows (Oculus don’t support any other hardware for their Rift devices), but nowadays I find it so unfriendly to developers that I try to avoid it.

Wishing myself and everybody else good luck in the competition!


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  1. madflame991 says:

    Half of all LD games ever produced use the same old sfxr/bfxr so instead I’d recommend LabChirp [1]. It can generate longer samples and has envelopes. Gotta stay ahead of the curve 😉

    [1] http://labbed.net/software.php?id=labchirp

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