Bronto – post mortem

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December 1st, 2015 6:27 am

My MiniLD 63 post mortem … finally … after 66 million years.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-12-01 um 01.18.07

BRONTO – a dinosaur themed runner with roleplaying elements.

That was a fun Mini Ludum Dare. I just can present a short sketch of what this game could be, now. But it feels like I continue working on it.

What was good:

  • Drawing Dinosaurs was real fun and i could do stuff for LD and play with my 4 year old son at the same time which is great.
  • Jamming just 1-3 hours every day is a good mode, to combine game jamming with real life duties. It also give you time to turn thing in your head while you are afk.
  • I like my idea, which is still gr
  • owing, i have a story in my head to roll out and lots of features im looking forward to implement.
  • Felt like the first LDJam with kind of a tool chain using PyxelEdit and Tiled.
    It seems that i could win an old friend as a collaborator for the music part in Bronto for a post jam version(currently you are hearing silence and autotracker placholders.)

Bildschirmfoto 2015-12-01 um 12.19.15

What was not so good:

  • I couldn’t finish the game during the jam, so i’m sorry not be able to present, what i intended now.
  • Just a small example level with little features
  • I’m short of sleep even in a relaxed 10 day combo

Rules Review:

  • “Make a game that’s a fusion of two other games, game genres or game ideas”
    i think so, although it came to my mind, that I’m not a real rgp expert except pen an paper rpgs 😉
  • “Do it during the 20th – 30th of November”
  • “Spend 48 hours or 72 hours or however long you want”
    Check. But i worked with a timetracker, an worked in 1-3h chunks.
  • “Start whenever’s convenient”
  • “Work alone or in a team”
  • “Use any assets/tools you want”
  • “Tag your games with #MiniLD63 (and also #LDJAM)”
    Check. Made a bit noise on twitter.
  • “Disregard any/all of the rules if you want”
    I thought i would break more of the rules.

Hope you enjoy what you see.



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