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November 30th, 2015 9:19 am

Okay I’ve been contesting in Ludum Dare a few times before. But I’m asking this now to make a few things clear for me.

  1. Do you really have to make all the models on your own or can you use a existing unity package for things like rocks and trees?
  2. Also if i want to add some ocean sounds like waves and i can’t get a hold of those sounds can i use something existing if that’s the case?

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  1. Geckoo1337 says:

    Hi. You can use some models which are available in the asset store. However if you create a game in the Compo category, you MUST share the source code. Don’t share the assets which you paid – instead do a package with source code only. If you create a project in the Jam category, you are by no means compelled to share something. You can use all sounds that are available in the web. In all these cases, we respect copyright and the works that others did. If you use something which has been created by an other developer/creator, you could uncheck some categories for vote. Don’t wait an evaluation for the sound if you grab a track somewhere. Do you understand?
    However, I would like to say that for each LD session we prefer when a participant creates his own models, sounds and musics. Many tools are available in the tools section. Ludum Dare is an event for indie developers, not a shopping window so as to share a commercial product. I wish you the best for the next LD session ++

  2. KaiseanGames says:

    Exactly my thoughts. Additionally, if you end up using somebody else’s work (with right to use, of course) I strongly recommend you enter Jam, or opt-out of related category. Fair play :-)

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