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November 29th, 2015 9:22 pm


Before the last Ludum Dare, I was working on this engine I called “Ludum GL” because I made it with OpenGL and it was for Ludum Dare. However, I did not participate last time, and I actually forget why exactly that was, I think I had a crap ton of homework that weekend. This time, I doubt I’ll be able to participate either, but I’ve slaved away on this engine since the last competition, and now it’s way more fully featured. If someone is using Java, and they’d like an open source game engine of sorts, than here you go! Still a lot of things I could implement, but it’s all there, and it works pretty well. Much better than my last game engines. So below are the links of importance, and I’ll let you take it from there if you want! Have a good day!

Engine Website:

Source Code:

Tutorial Video:

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  1. Scipio Xaos says:

    Nifty! I, too, made a Java game engine recently, but it was before LD33. I spent a week working on it and then used it that weekend. XD Sadly… we didn’t finish our game before the 72 hour deadline (I was working with my family so LDJam).

    My engine, though, doesn’t use OpenGL. Instead I do everything with Java2D so it’s only a 2D engine, but it’s nice. I want to make some improvements to it prior to LD34 so I’ll be getting to that hopefully this week. I got a long laundry list of things that need cleaning up and additional features to add. Also, a miniature “Dev Tools” of sorts I want to implement that’ll help with making the games. 😛

    • Gandalf1209 says:

      I did pretty much the same thing. I was rushing to get it ready for Ludum Dare, but then I didn’t even participate. I used Java2D with my old engine Yamanu. I’d like to add more features so more people can use my engine if they want to by the time Ludum Dare shows up. But school exists, so :/

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