Better late than never

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November 18th, 2015 8:00 am

My goal for this year’s October Challenge was to port Drone Invaders to iOS and earn $1 on the App Store.

Drone Invaders was built in 2013 October Challenge for Android. The game got a lot of attention and managed to earn about $90 since the release. Although there were 3500+ players, the main problem for monetization was that the game was free to play and I didn’t really build it to be a money milking machine like “popular” mobile games do. I wanted the game to be fun and challenging and payment to be completely optional. The result is $90 in two years, but nevermind.

Drone Invaders from Space

For iOS, I still didn’t want to change the way the game plays, but I decided to ditch the IAP idea completely and remove all the payments from the game. But how would I pass the October Challenge then? I decided to price the game itself. It’s $1.99 in the AppStore and I have already earned the dollar and the player ratings have been great as well:


All this in about a week since the release. The game has already earned half of what the F2P Android version has in two years.

It’s possible that this YouTube review (over 2700 views) made all those people come in:

I think my next mobile game will be iOS-first.



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