Mini Ludum Dare 63

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November 5th, 2015 8:57 am


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  • Make a game that’s a fusion of two other games, game genres or game ideas
  • Do it during the 20th – 30th of November
  • Spend 48 hours or 72 hours or however long you want
  • Start whenever’s convenient
  • Work alone or in a team
  • Use any assets/tools you want
  • Tag your games with #MiniLD63 (and also #LDJAM)
  • Disregard any/all of the rules if you want

In case you can’t think of anything, here’s some of ideas for things you could fuse:

  • Platformer
  • Snake
  • Dating Sim
  • Text-based adventure
  • Gritty male protagonist
  • Educational ‘game’
  • Superman 64
  • Live action
  • Box pushing
  • Mike ‘PoV’ Kasprzak

That’s it! If you have any other ideas, feel free to leave them in a comment below.

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Happy Jamming!


Edit: Congrats Everyone! We ended up with 60 games, with some great ones! There’s no rating system, but have a look at some of the games and leave a comment about what you thought!

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71 Responses to “Mini Ludum Dare 63”

  1. iUuax says:

    I am in, my first Ludum Dare 😀
    I will use:
    – Unity 5
    – All art, sound and other will be my creation :)

    I will combine RPG and RTS

  2. DEO COSTA says:

    How do I send a game?
    What do I have to do?

    • Geosearchef says:

      You have to upload it (see FAQ) to another location. Then you can submit an entry by clicking the submit button below the MLD63 Announcment post. There you can paste links to the location where you uploaded your game.

  3. ahmedrage says:

    I have submitted a game but it is not in the entries … help.

  4. Gorp900 says:

    Day late, Dollar short.

    Wanted to leave a comment here with a link to a game that myself and three others worked on for the Mini LD, we may of gotten over our heads with the size of our game and ended up missing the deadline by a day :'(

    But I’ll be damned if nobody gets to play this: Arena Manager 2016!
    link (Windows Only):

    We decided to fuse together “Football Manager” with “Fantasy RPG” for our game, you are a coach to a team of rag-tag adventurers fighting in arena based combat for money and glory.

    Only about 70% of our planned content actually got in so it IS missing some features, but it is entirely playable and even if one person gets some enjoyment out of it, I can die a happy man.

    The Whole thing was made by 4 guys (2 coders, 1 artist, 1 musician) in C++ using Allegro 5

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