Internship Adventure – Graphical Making of – Part 3

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October 7th, 2015 11:22 am

(by Pascal Pouvereau)

This post is the last part of a three part article.
If you missed previous parts, you can read it first :
Internship Adventure – Graphical Making of – Part 1
Internship Adventure – Graphical Making of – Part 2

Our game is Internship adventure and we advise you to try it before reading this post.
Photoshop & Flash source files are given in the end of this article.

My English is quite poor and a French version is able here.


In the previous part, we talked about the way Roxane (the second graphic artist) helped me on the forest background ; she helped me too on the factory by making 3D models that I could integrate and work in the 2D stage.

Intership_3DRaw 3D renders

Intership_3DComposite3D renders composited on Photoshop

Those works were done during the lasts hours of the production, so the compositing is quite simple.

Mr Borbopopo

At the end of the second day, I temporally stopped working on backgrounds to help Roxane on animations. So, I started to work on the second monster and I could realize it at 100% from conception to finalization.

Internship_MrBorbopopoThe first version had little arms

First, I designed a big monster head, but quickly, it looked like a fat cyclops inside a egg shell (but everyone can see it like he want).

I spent a lot of time to find a good way to animate it. I finally decided to realize it as vector art in Flash. My knowledge about cartoon animation helped me to make funny moves.

MrBorbopopo_ConstructionShapes of Mr Borbopopo

The silhouette was very easy to animate thanks to Flash’s keyframes and the decomposition of the character in three main shapes like a kind of snowman. The eye was separated of the head to increase the cartoon animation.
The mouth had been the most difficult part of the process, because drawn on every 72 frames of the animation thanks to vector lines. I had to modify the width of the line on many frames to simulate the opening or the closing of the mouth.

MrBorbopopo_MouthDifferent width of Mr Borbopopo’s mouth

Once animations done, the work wasn’t completely finished.
All frames were exported in multiple png files and recomposed as tiles in one big file thanks to Graphics Gale.

Graphics Gale is a small software that look quite old with it 90’s interface, but it’s a very useful tool for animation  and the best pixel art tool I know.
I really recommends it because it’s powerfull and free (the only limitation of the free version is animated gif and cursors exportations).

The file containing all sprites is opened in Photoshop and quickly completed thanks to automatic effects (white borders). Working on only one file containing all the sprites is a very quick way to work on every frames at the same time. It avoid to use batch scripts.

MrBorbopo_FinalStepsLast steps of the sprite

Some frames had to be manually corrected because of dirty borders like the third step of the previous picture.

This is the end !

MrBorbopopo_JumpThank you for your attention !
As I promise you, here are my sources of the two levels and the character. Have fun !

Photoshop_File The forest

Photoshop_File The factory

Flash_File Mr Borbopopo’s animation

Photoshop_File Mr Borbopopo’s tileset


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