October Challenge 2015

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September 28th, 2015 11:04 am

Hello! It’s nearly October, so it’s time to kick-off our 6th October Challenge!

The October Challenge is a special event here at Ludum Dare. How is it different? Well, if Ludum Dare encourages you to make a game, the October Challenge encourages you to sell a game. Or put another way:

Finish a game β€” Take it to market β€” Earn $1

That is your goal. That is the October Challenge.

Disregard all the usual Ludum Dare rules (no restrictions). Finish any game you previously made during a game jam, something else you’ve been working on, or heck, something entirely new. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to finish and do everything necessary to start earning money from a game. No specific rules or platforms. Make good on that goal or promise to start selling games.

Finish your game, fill out all the necessary paperwork, prep all the assets, and publish it to your respected market or store by November 1st. That’s your goal.

Once you’ve published it, let us know about it by submitting it:

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Finally, if you can successfully earn $1 in the weeks that follow, then you’ve won the challenge!

And even if you don’t, you’ve probably learned something, something worth way more than $1. :)

That’s the October Challenge. Good luck!

44 Responses to “October Challenge 2015”

  1. PoV says:

    * * * * * FAQ * * * * *

    Q: Do I need to earn my $1 in the month of October?
    A: Nope! The goal of the challenge is to take all the steps necessary to finally earn money from a game. And when you earn your $1, whenever that is, you win.

    Q: Does my game have to be a Ludum Dare or Gamejam game?
    A: Nope! It can be something you’ve been working on outside of Gamejams. Like Ludum Dare, we run the challenge in hope that having a shared deadline encourages more of us to finish.

    Q: Do I have to earn 1 US dollar?
    A: The currency doesn’t actually matter. If you prefer Β£1, €1, or something else, that’s fine. The point is we’re setting the bar low.

    Q: Can I earn more than $1?
    A: Yes, we hope you do! Rather than aiming for “Minecraft Money”, we recommend starting small. Because $1 comes before $10 comes before $100 comes before $1000 and so on.

    Q: I’ve been working on a game for weeks or months prior to the Challenge. Can I participate too?
    A: Absolutely! The more the merrier.

    Q: Can I work in a team?
    A: Yes, absolutely! Work with as many people (or as few) as you like.

    Q: Do I need to release source code?
    A: Nope!

  2. JoshDBB says:

    Ok, I’m up for this! I have never managed to release anything before but I will try to get I Love My Circle out in October.

  3. K1llercake says:

    Oh my god this is so coooool! I hope I can make this.

  4. wavertron says:


    Though it will be a battle, my old PC died so I need to look into a new one

  5. velvelajade says:

    I am already attempting this. πŸ˜€ I am not sure that I will have anything ready by the end of October, but hopefully I will. I am determined to get off of Dissedability. Any of you on ssdi will know what I’m on about. I might have Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, but my spirit to over-achieve has never left me.

  6. Sogomn says:

    I’m not sure if I can bring my game to a playable state in that time. But I’ll try my best!

  7. jamesking1996 says:

    Where are the best places to publish my game?

  8. ruerob says:

    I’m in as well!
    I want Pumpi to be published in October! So I’ll give my best to accomplish that goal!

    Good luck to all of the other commenter, too,

  9. tibone says:

    I’ll attempt this. ItΒ΄s been a while since i finished any game. And i never tried to sell any game. So yeah $1 challenge is something to aim for.

  10. General says:

    Cool contest! Everyone wins!

    As a participant and FGL representative I can say that if you are going to make a mobile game profitable, the easiest way to monetize it is FGL Enhance. The currently best result is 65 seconds to get ads into your game. Just upload a clean .apk or .ipa, select the necessary settings, download the result and start earning!

  11. ridhwandaud says:

    I’m in. My solo ludumdare

  12. Mikea says:

    Awesome! πŸ˜€ This will be my third year! πŸ˜€ Time to finish old stuff, and create new ones! πŸ˜€

  13. BPO_Jeff says:

    I’m in! Need to make some $ and this’ll be good motivation so I’m going to finish up (and rewrite ’cause the code was all duct taped fast for the Jam lol) my LD33 game as a full game on PC:


    I think $1 is about what I can expect to make. :'( lol I’ll be posting Twitter updates regularly at @BPOutlaws if you want to follow along!

    Good luck everyone! And thanks to Mike for setting up this motivational kick in the ass lol

  14. Picking a username is hard says:

    Can I do pay what you want and or ad revenue?

  15. benbastian says:

    I’m going to give it a shot. I’m aiming to publish my first solo game, Leibniz, a baroque themed binary puzzle game by the end of October. I’m a Ludum Dare novice (I was put onto the site by some participants at my local IDGA chapter) but I’ve worked on a lot of games. I’ve been developing Leibniz for about 6 months now in my spare time.

    I did a quick and dirty web site. More to come soon.


  16. holmberd says:

    Guess I’m in, can’t resist the big bucks ^^

  17. DeltaF1 says:

    I worked on a game for July’s One Game a Month challenge, which hasn’t seen much success. I was thinking of spicing it up, and triyng to advertise it for the october challenge, when all of a sudden this happens.
    I guess I won? It’s the first day of October…

  18. PowerSpark says:

    I’m in. Hoping this will pressure me enough to get my game out in Alpha stage soon! I’ve been working on it (little by little) for over a year. I’d appreciate any interest in it!

    Here’s where you can learn about Bionic: https://www.facebook.com/powersparkgames

  19. Chaoseed says:

    Yeah, well, it’d be nice if there were resources for doing so, especially for places other than Steam or itch.io.

  20. This is great. I’m in! I’ll be posting my progress on twitter in case you are interested: twitter.com/rom_rz
    Good luck to everybody!

  21. Freamcoding says:

    I’ll be joining the October Challenge as well this year! If anyone got a bored half hour you can follow my process at my blog, where I write daily about my process: http://freamcoding.blogspot.hu/

    Good luck to every participant!

  22. jtpup0 says:

    Releasing my first desktop game on November 1st!, It’s called Looticrous http://jtpup0.itch.io/looticrous
    Now to make a $1. Challenge accepted!

  23. Conker534 says:

    This should be fun! Mines up, hope to make $1! http://conkermich.itch.io/potion-girl

  24. petitpois says:

    I’m in! working on a game based on the idea of my ludum dare game – Inkpen and Greens. Coming to stores hopefully before November 1st. πŸ˜€

  25. I’ve released my game! It won an Innovative Competition:
    I’d be really thankful for some feedback, or buying it! Thanks!

  26. shubshub says:

    I put Bit.Saw up http://ludumdare.com/compo/october-challenge-2015/?action=preview&uid=9346 To see what Happens, Been working on it again recently so I thought why not =D

  27. IAmSpencer says:

    Wow, this is the first October challenge I managed to complete, and it taught me a ton!

    I made TypeSecurity, a typing game about protesters and presidents:
    Type away the crowd of angry protesters to defend the president while he’s giving his speech.

    I doubt I’ll make any money, but I had a huge amount of fun while working on this game, and I really plan to pursue it more in the future, adding lots of interestingly new mechanics to it.

    Good luck with everyone else who’s joining, and I hope you are successful (whatever that means for you) πŸ˜‰

  28. Anachron says:

    What a great challenge! I’m in with a flippin’ simple tap Android game: Flippy Uncle. Try it on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.AnachronicDesigns.FlippyUncle

  29. Tommy B says:

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    If your interested just send an email to tommybckly@gmail.com :)

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