Ludum Dare API Stats!

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September 18th, 2015 10:58 am

Hey there!, we wanted to see our performance over our participation on ludums to get an idea of what we need to improve at game creation (like mood, graphics, etc) and as I started to create an Excel to see that data, it came up the idea of making directly an api for everyone who wants the same.

Here is the API Site and the API Docs

Here is an example of our user:


So, how it works?
It scrapes the author page looking for LudumDare entries, then scrapes every entry page found on it. To not stress the site, it will scrape ONLY once and cache the results for later fetchs. It also has a setting at the server to set the last ludum number, so every ludum I will go there and change it to make able for new scrapes.

Hope you guys enjoy it!, the source is open at Github under BSD license, so you can check it out , make use of it or whatever you want :) … also any pull request or issue is really appreciated!

I have added more suff like percents for standings, moved calculations into the API so now can use them from your site fast and easy, medals on the grids and total entries are taken from the type of entry (compo or jam).
Thanks for the good vibes, suggestions and bug reports!

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11 Responses to “Ludum Dare API Stats!”

  1. feiss says:

    brilliant work, thanks for sharing! :)

  2. zatyka says:

    This is excellent. Thank you for making it. Two suggestions:

    -Have the total entry count respect whether your game was a compo vs. jam entry
    -Have a tab showing percentile standings

  3. recursor says:

    This is really neat, thanks!

  4. LTyrosine says:

    Brilliant. IMO this should be fixed in the LD site top menu

  5. Evergreen Games says:

    Awesome!! Thanks so much. Only suggestion is a % graph.

    • psychonull says:

      Thanks!, I think is gonna look exactly the same as the standings graph but with percent values, right?, I mean for the matter of get an overview of the standings with lines going up and down, and since are the same values .. what do you think?

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