Drack’s Mansion ratings analysis

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September 16th, 2015 6:37 am

So the LD scores came in and I decided to give them a bit of thought. For a first timer, not that bad. Here they are:

LD33 resaults

Coolness is good, as I expected. I rated about 85 games which is more than good enough, in my opinion.

38th is where I placed graphics-wise. Considering the fact almost every single comment praised the pixel art, I am not surprised. Highest rated category as I suspected, but breaking the top 40 in any category with your first LD is something pretty kick-ass.

228th in theme. I didn’t do that much creative with the theme outside of the story and set-up, IMO. Yeah, Drack is a billionaire who just bought a mansion and people are bothering him so he kills them, which is a pretty creative idea, but nothing really in the design of him nor the mechanics plays up that fact. I’m surprised I hit as high of a number as this.

281st overall. For a first timer I think that’s very nice. I didn’t expect much more considering how many entries this jam had.

363rd in mood. I think that is mainly due to the Nuclear Throne style lighting system.

367th in fun. Not bad. I expected it to be higher than mood and theme for sure, especially considering the fact many users said it was pretty fun if classic, but not that many said it was that original with its theme.

504th in humour. I had no expectations for this category. The game had a humourous premise but nothing that funny beyond that. I am happy with it, though.

560th in audio. As expected, not high at all. Audio was the one aspect of the game I disliked the most. It had no music and the sound effects weren’t all that great. I did not have time to polish it in that area.

And finally 766th in innovation. The game is classic, especially for Ludum Dare. An endless wave of enemies storm you and you kill them. Not particularly original, is it? I wasn’t aiming for it to be so but if I had known more about LD before going in maybe I would have done something more inventive.

What the scores thought me: there’s a difference between what feedback users give you in comments and your final scores. Many people said that they found it fun, yet very few mentioned the mood or the theme. Despite that theme and mood got placed above fun. For next time, I am definitely placing more focus on time management, brainstorming, prototyping and audio. hopefully, it will make for a better entry.


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  1. hexagore says:

    “there’s a difference between what feedback users give you in comments and your final scores”

    This is very true. I’m guilty of it myself, really, trying to find positive things to say although this time I really tried to offer as much constructive criticism as I could. Apparently I didn’t leave a comment on your game. I definitely remember writing one… I wonder if I forgot to submit!

    I’ve learnt not to read anything into the comments and just wait for the final scores. :)

    • pirate_shell says:

      Yeah, I get that. I do it as well, even if I try my best to score and critique fairly, I end up with a more positive rating than I probably should have. No harm in that, as long as it’s all fair in the final scores. I was just a little surprised so I decided: “Hey, why not make a post about it?”

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