Yay I fu*ed up XD

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September 15th, 2015 4:48 am





The Reckoning

Hmmm… yup not charming at all.. I had much better times before

It’s my 3d LD, my first time making a 3D game for Ludum Dare and my first time using Blender Game Engine. I know I AM pleased with the result – I achieved more mechanics than I imagined in 48 hours. I didn’t polish the game on the other hand, and.. IDK I thought it’s not much of a factor in LD judging so I left it as the last task and since I had no time left – I didn’t.

Through the bugs crashes and the impossible use of BGE, I feel like I succeeded moving foreward, still it seems like I still need to work on my sh*t XD

Minimal 3D graphics seems like didn’t impress much, so I must conclude that my minimalism falls short. Honestly, this is bad.. that’s the worst thing a minimalistic design can have.

Or maybe my problem is not being user friendly. I mean, I made a mini game that barely explains itself, because I thought color-mechanics correlation is something one can discover itself and would be much more fun this way. Well, this fell short once again. My guess is that only one folk got to the last level.

My last guess isn’t very mature but WTH I’ll just leave it for you guys to discuss – do you think being “harsh” with your judging would result in deducting points? Do you think people who write nicer and less honest comments would get better results?

Well, either way, I think even if my game is sh*tty, I learned a lot and made a crazy ride just as I planned – making something with a tool I never tried, made some cool mechanics I’m honestly proud of considering the time frame given and the theme.

My entry was “Being a Video Game Monster“, and I want to thank everyone who played it.

70% coolness is the most I had ever before, so in that regard – I’m reasonably happy to finally figure how to behave in this coolness system.

I hope I can participate next year as well, though chances are I’m gonna be really bussy; this honestly has nothing to do with the scoring, I knew this even before entering. I don’t really care about the score as much as I care that this might have been my last LD. Hopefully, this isn’t the last one. Gonna try hard to find time to making an entry once again, it’ll probably suck since I’ll have even less time to prepare than THIS time, but even with sh*tty score I would be able to enjoy a break from everything and living the dream of making video games while asking NO ONE’s permission!

That’s what’s LD for me.

And, as always – Have a Happy Ludum Dare (bitter smile). =]

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  1. Geckoo1337 says:

    Not so bad. Better luck next time ++

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