Actually… you know what?

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September 15th, 2015 8:27 am

With every game being placed in order it’s just mathematically inevitable that lots of people are going to be disappointed by their scores. I’ve just done a blog post where I was really happy about my scores this time and I’ve suddenly remembered that good news from the results is relatively new. I used to be absolutely terrible. Getting in the top 100 in any category is a major achievement but it’s taken me a long time and many attempts to get there.

Here’s my results from the first three Ludum Dares I did.  I started okay then plummeted to the depths of awfulness, before trying desperately to claw my way back out again.

Jane Austen Vs Slug Lord will hopefully be the worst game I ever make

Jane Austen Vs Slug Lord will hopefully be the worst game I ever make 


The moral of the story is that anyone – even people who make games as pure terrible as “Jane Austen Vs Slug Lord” can redeem themselves if they just keep trying.  The important bit is that you learn something from every failure, every disaster, every mistake and then never give up trying to get better.

So if you feel your result is bad don’t let it get you down. This isn’t the end. Keep on trying! YOU CAN DO IT!



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  1. This is a good thought, thanks!

    Let us see if I follow this trend. My LD27 ranking was #584, missed a few submission deadlines, entered a few other compos, and this LD33 I got to #117 with a lot of luck. Yep.

  2. pirate_shell says:

    Yeah, this is definitely something I should keep in mind considering my entry. Granted, it was my first Ludum Dare and being able to place 38th in graphics and 281st overall is not bad, but I am still very disappointed with the game itself. I will for sure try harder next time I enter!

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