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September 14th, 2015 12:30 am

This mosaic is made from the thumbnails of all LD33 games:

Happy hunting 😀

You can also use the mosaic to filter by platform, e.g. to find all the games that are ‘web’ playable :)

Some stats:

  • 1493 games claimed a “web” link
  • but 472 of those “web” games were actually Unity games with web player, although they didn’t mention this in their blurb; my script doesn’t categorize them as ‘web playable’
  • 7 games have no thumbnail

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(repost in case you missed it)

40 Responses to “Your game is in this mosaic!”

  1. Rongon says:

    Wow, great stuff :)

  2. cynicalmonkey says:

    I found me!

  3. los.pixelados says:

    How did you do that o_O ?
    You created an algorithm that take an image and all LD33 entries and tries to best fit them ?
    I really wanna know xD

    Morco (Los Pixelados team)

  4. AlgorithmicsAnonymous says:

    I feel like i wasted a lot of my life… But it was worth it, i found my submission :)
    (2nd column, near the middle heightwise – Nipper Nosher)

  5. kaitokidi says:

    Gg, nice one!
    For me its been easy de o find becaus is black with a white “circle” ^^
    Is one of thos .mages that kin of mess with the colors in the picture xd

  6. Darkflint says:

    Holy cow, how did you do that?

    And i found me, 8nd column from bottom, 12th from right. if i didnt miscount xD

  7. Strike says:

    Man, that’s awesome ! Wow !

  8. fullmontis says:

    THis is so awesome! I found out my game almost off the bat, lol. Lucky.

  9. Cawrtz says:

    Thanks for not categorizing Unity as web games. On linux the struggle is real.

  10. Grahhhhh says:

    I found mine! Really cool!

  11. Kai20 says:

    great idea and the result and i found be i love you plese marri me

  12. Super Hamster says:

    Coolest mosaic I’ve ever seen on this website!

  13. Picking a username is hard says:

    Wow! That’s incredible! And it wasn’t even too tough to find myself! Awesome job man!

  14. PIN34PPLE says:

    Wow! This is really good. Found myself too!

  15. alexrus07 says:

    That is amazing. tfw you find your game

  16. Ybalrid says:

    I found mine! \o/
    I’m going to check your game :p

  17. g_o says:

    What’s the program you used?

  18. MrMordem says:

    As allways, really impressive to see the mosaic made of all the game’s thumbnails, It was hard but i finally found our team’s game :)

    It’s really nice that you put this “magnifying glass” thing when you hover over to see more clearly the thumbnails and to be able to directly go to the highlighted game’s page

    Awesome work ^^

  19. Gatobot14 says:

    I found this is a better and original way to play and rate the games
    good job

  20. pi_pi3 says:

    Found myself. 6th row, 1st column

  21. Sanju says:

    Hats off!!!

    It took me a while, but I finally found mine :)

  22. crafteverywhere says:

    Amzing work,I found myself too, the last row, 11st column, a place really hard to click. TAT

  23. Awesome idea! Can you add our game? Would be nice 😀

  24. HacksawUnit says:

    Mine is the very last one, allllll the way at the bottom right. Super cool!

  25. Yrr says:

    I’m kind of amazed I spotted mine immediately

  26. crucknuk says:

    This mosaic is so cool! thank for this great job!

  27. Stexe says:

    Still haven’t found our submission (Hidden Invaders). Any idea if it is there / where?

  28. squarepug says:

    That is very clever!

  29. jcwelgemoed says:

    Absolutely brilliant work

  30. Eldan_Knight says:

    wow! That’s sick and cool! 😀 Great job. It’s the eye of a velociraptor? Or the Indominus Rex? 😛

  31. demogorgon says:

    That’s insane. My mind is entirely blown. Are you human, or something superior?

  32. m3_on says:

    This is really awesome!!!!

  33. hate-marina says:

    That was easy :B

  34. MrTwister says:

    So gorgeous! Man, this is incredibly cool!

    I had to do this, though: Here’s a javascript snippet to find any game in the mosaic :)

    (You just have to type this code in your browser’s URL bar replacing the “10313” at the end of the code with your LD entry code. The provided code will highlight OP’s entry)

    javascript:void(find=function a(img, evt, cde){for (y=0;y<idx.length;y++) for(x=0;x<idx[y].length;x++) if (idx[y][x]==cde) img.dispatchEvent(evt.initMouseEvent("mousemove", true, true, window, 0, 0, 0, img.offsetLeft +x*scale*mosaic.thumb_width+5, img.offsetTop + y*scale*mosaic.thumb_height+5, false, false, false, false, 0, null) ? evt: evt)});javascript:void(find(document.getElementById("img"), document.createEvent("MouseEvents"), "10313"))

    (Works on Chrome and Firefox. Doesn't work on IE. Not tested on other browsers)

  35. GaTechGrad says:

    How many times is this going to be posted?

  36. Ryusui says:

    There I am! Right above the pupil! 8D

  37. Sadale says:

    Great stuff. But why there isn’t a search button? 😛

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