Worse than my first time, still proud, still making games! ;)

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September 14th, 2015 9:01 pm

So, results came in and it looks like my results were worse than my first time here (LD#32). I was expecting this, because I had some hard time with the theme, the jam version has lots of bugs, the difficulty level is very high and it was my first “finished” project on Clickteam Fusion, but I’m still VERY PROUD of this game. :)

Thanks to everyone who played my game or just visited my page! :3 Your rating and opinions are really important, so I can see how I’m doing and what can I do to improve my works.

I’m looking forward to the next LD! 😉 And, while I wait for it, I’ll be taking part on Mini-LD and 1 Game a Month Jam, to practice a bit, besides work on my other projects, so we might bump into each other soon! And, also, there’s twitter! ;D

Good Work, Everyone! And Thanks for the Amazing Experience!

Thanks, everyone @ Ludum Dare!

And some really special thanks to my GF, since she helped me a LOT, by helping me with the idea. ♥



3 Responses to “Worse than my first time, still proud, still making games! ;)”

  1. Tanton-H2X says:

    altough it is a little bit difficult to controll
    but I‘ve still finished the game last night~~~ ^0^
    a leap of faith of level3 is soooo amazing! genius desgin~! *( i think it imply the marriage…)
    and the cigarette in level4 is really hard to get it ToT (Health challenges) At first I thought i don’t need to get it…..Finally I still have to face it..orz
    more than 10times… finally succeed yeah~☆゚

    • yuigoto says:

      Thanks! Thanks for playing and for taking the time to post here! :)

      I recognize the controls are too slippery and the level design is way too harsh. 😛 And yeah, you got it right! The leap of faith in the level means the marriage falling down. Almost everything is based on frustration the player character felt. 😉

      The main character went down an unhappy ending: lost friends, work, wife, neglected his children, got drunk and drove to his death, literally. That’s why there’s fire and everything is monochrome, all related to his accident, caused by his inner monster.

      Thanks again for taking the time to repeat the levels and play, and for the feedback! :)

  2. nka says:

    I like your attitude. Have fun at mini ld, see you there 😉

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