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September 14th, 2015 5:51 pm

Hey there! Here’s my try-to-be-metroidvania mini story platformer. As always there was a lot more planned for the entry, but I’m fairly happy with the end result considering how I was doing half way. Would really appreciate some comments on it! Needs to be played to the end to really experience the theme integration. /end of shameless self promotion.


Link to game page

And here is my list of pointers for future jams! (And myself more than anything)

  • It’s great to focus on learning something new, but that focus can be learning to polish and complete, probably something a lot of us need, and then it’s good to use tools you know and not set to high goals!
  • Keep the scope small and focus on polish!
  • Try to be feature complete day 1 of the competition, so day 2 is about polishing and improving.
  • Plan as much as possible from the start and make a full todo list from start to finish – be self critical and aware of your time consumption miscalculations and keep it small.
  • Remember it’s about fun, not packing as much as you can into 48h. Make something small and you won’t have to torture yourself the last 10 hours and can afford some breaks.


If you’ve read this far without TL;DR’ing and realized like me that voting ends soon and therefore are sacrificing your sleep even tho work starts in 6 hours after a 18h work day, post your game as a comment and I’ll be sure to give you some votes too! :)

Anyway, everyone who submitted anything is awesome, and those who tried but failed are too! Let’s look forward to LD34! 😀

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