Internship Adventure – Graphical Making of – Part 1

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September 14th, 2015 4:46 pm

In this post, I’ll talk about my experience as a graphic artist in this gamejam and I’ll expose you some graphics process we used in our game.
We were two graphic artists to work on the project but this article concerns only my experience (Pascal).

I’m really sorry because my English is poor and sentences will maybe sound strange.

This is the first part of a long article, other parts will follow.
Our game is Internship adventure and we advise you to try it before reading this post.
Photoshop & Flash source files will be given in the last part of this article.


In this game, we didn’t want to use a pixel art style (well that I really like this technique).
Quickly, we agreed about a graphic style with silhouette foreground so that backgrounds would be very colored and graphical.

ReferencesSome refrences : Limbo, Bandland & Donkey Kong Returns

This artistic direction has first been chosen to simplify our work on characters animations (a very long process when we develop a game) while remaining coherent with our vision of the game.
This choice allowed us to enhance deep environments on which we could spend more time.

Since the beginning, we wanted to build small levels fitting only on one screen (no, we are not in LD31 ^^) like a painting that give us a lot of creative freedom.
Our engine was not adapted for big levels without tilesmaps but I refused to envisage tiles.
That was good because the theme of our game fit with this choice.

Roles distribution

We were two graphic artists in the team : Roxane and I (Pascal).
We agreed about working on complementary tasks avoiding collisions in our work :
Roxane worked on characters and animation so that I concentrated on environments.

Internship_RoxaneRoxane working on the caterpillar

You’ll see it next, we finally both worked on the other tasks too on the second half of the jam.

Work now !

Most of the work on environments was classical and I spend most of my time to paint layers on Photoshop thanks to my graphics tablet.
The finishing of layers in the game is not perfect, but, for a game jam, it’s OK.

Internship_LavaPart of the factory level background

Internship Adventure - Forest Part of the forest middle background

Beyond my artistic ability, I have some technical knowledge and I wanted to use it to go further in the graphical realization of the game.
In next paragraphs, I’ll list some of theme.


Parallax is a very well known technique in animation and video-game allowing to simulate depth in a scene.
The idea is to move different layers with different speeds related to their distance.

ParallaxeExample of parallax in a temporary level

Well that we choose to work on one-screen levels, I insist early in the creation process to introduce some parallax.
This technique offer supplementary depth in a picture, increasing immersion of the player in the game and gratifying backgrounds.
A blur foreground was expected but we had not enough time to integrate it in the game.

Depth layers4 depth layers of the forest

End of part 1

This is the end of part 1.

In part 2, we’ll talk about sky, day/night, blend modes and foregrounds.
Thanks for your attention.

I’m really sorry because my English restrict me.
If you want a most detailed post in French language, tell me in commentary.


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