A thank you, and a favorites list

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September 14th, 2015 3:51 pm

Thanks a ton to everyone who played and reviewed our entry this Ludum Dare. It was a fun experiment, a joy to put together, and I’m really happy that so many people enjoyed it! That’s what makes the hectic LD weekend so worthwhile.

If you haven’t played our entry yet but want to, check it out:

Here’s a list of some of my favorites from this Ludum Dare:

Death of a Lich was probably my overall favorite of this LD; the sort of game I would have paid to play. It’s got brilliant strategy gameplay, looks and sounds fantastic, and really makes you feel like an immortal lich biding your time, gathering strength, and trying to escape confinement. I can’t praise it enough, so just go play it!

Hero Mate is a puzzle game where you help an incompetent AI hero get to the end of the level by positioning and sacrificing monsters to keep him alive. Solid puzzle design, a really cute presentation, and the sort of saccharine and heartwarming narrative that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Monster Pizza was adorable too. I loved the feel of carefully navigating the city as a giant dinosaur, trying to get pizzas to houses. I loved how cars would stop when you blocked the intersection, and sometimes force you to choose between trampling them or nearby buildings. I loved how, when angry customers nearly cost me my job, I was able to knock their houses to the ground, despite not being something the game taught. Great entry, with a surprising amount of emergent complexity!

R-adius was a really clever take on the sidescrolling space shooter. You take on the role of the level itself, summoning different enemies using a pool of points, and try to find challenging enemy combinations that can defeat an AI ship pilot. Pretty clever, fun, and nostalgic, while still presenting something very original.

Sweet Dreams was interesting and unexpected. Framed as a Bogeyman sim, the game is essentially an interactive shadow puppetry gallery. I usually don’t dig Unity games, but this one made really good use of the engine. All in all, a really original Creativity Toy that I had a lot of fun with. Totally worth checking out, and seeing what people have made with it!

Yeti Scent made for a strange, wonderful experience. Billed as a yeti stealth action/survival/dating sim, it used drifting, fading colorful particles to emulate being a monster with scent-based tracking, which helped when hunting down rabbits and humans to eat to stay alive. The scent depiction was a clever mechanic that I appreciated a lot, and made for a pretty neat experience! I was mildly disappointed that I was unable to romance the lumberjacks, but the experience of finally tracking down the Skeleton King was totally worth it.

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