Obligatory best of LD list №9001

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September 13th, 2015 11:15 am

So Ludum Dare 33 is coming to a close soon. I had loads of fun in my first Ludum Dare, but also had to deal with a lot of stress. Despite that fact, overall I feel better as a developer now that I have done this and I am looking forward to improving for next time! Anyway, enough about myself, let’s move on to some of the best games I have seen this Ludum Dare. I am not saying these are the only ones I liked, these are just the stand-outs for me.



This is a simple game, mechanics-wise, but what I loved about it is the story telling. The lighting was perfect for the setting and I feel it did the absolute best job at telling a story this Ludum Dare. It’s short, too. And stable.

4.Bunny Inferno


A brilliant little game, that shows exactly why Ludum Dare is all about depth in simplicity. The game is simple to grasp, yet very engaging. I absolutely loved the take on the theme as well as it made you, the player, feel like a monster.

3.Mobs, Inc.


This game was a fantastic example of taking a simple mechanic and running with it. At first, the game’s combat seems very simple but it is surprisingly engaging, fleshed out and deep. This is also one of the most polished entries of this Ludum Dare, as well as a good example of great Game Feel.

2.Werewolf Quest


I think the person who I am deep down played a big role in choosing this one. Platformers were always a genre I loved so this simple, yet elegant platform action game had enough depth, length and challenge to keep me interested and having fun for a long time. It’s classic, but polished and fun!

1.The Devil’s Daughter


Simply the best game this Ludum Dare has to offer. From the amazing style of the visuals to the great oldschool feel of the soundtrack it is all one big ball of greatness. The mechanics are classic but so polished it doesn’t matter. The level design is just that perfect oldschool hard that just keeps you trying more and more until you beat it. This is also, to me, the most creative monster of LD33. The character(and the game itself) just oozes charm and funniness. It has a Profanity Laser! Just go try it!

Finally if you feel like trying my game, you can do so here.



5 Responses to “Obligatory best of LD list №9001”

  1. hexagore says:

    Aww it really means a lot to see Corruption-5 getting a bit of love. Thank you :) Glad I’ve still got time to try your game!

  2. pirate_shell says:

    @hexagore Yo, the game was really one of the standouts of this LD. I couldn’t go without mentioning it~ I would have said more, but I wanted to keep things short ^^’ Also, thank you so much in advance for trying my game! I am not really happy with it but I learned a lot and that’s the important part! Looking forward to the next LD.

  3. Stanleys_Stoop says:

    Thank you for enjoying Bunny Inferno! It means a lot to me as well!

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