Making of “Escape From The City”

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September 13th, 2015 4:15 am


Here’s a very short behind the scenes of my game.

Roughly, I spent Saturday morning brainstorming, Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning coding, and Sunday afternoon working on graphics.

Code-wise, I finally forced myself to use a framework, instead of writing a mess of jquery + lots of <div>s. I used Phaser, which was great when it did when I wanted, and frustrating when it didn’t (mostly because I learned the framework as I went, not such a great idea). I’ll try and take the time to learn more about it before next LD! (but that’s what I tell myself every time, and know I won’t).

For the graphics, I decided not to do pixel art for the first time. So I started with a pen and paper, and drew the main character of my game: Godzilla. I wanted it to be cute, to add a tiny bit of depth to the game (you’re Godzilla, you’re the monster… but are you really? maybe the humans are?)

Here’s what came out.


I then used photoshop and an old tablet to draw over my sketch.


I needed to make a walking animation, and it was my first time making any animation, so I wasn’t sure I would be able to do this. But I’m really proud of the result!


Overall, I’m very happy with my Godzilla, the rest of the graphics are a bit messy and the gameplay is so-so, but at least I finished another game and it’s always a great feeling!

Final tidbit, the title of the game comes from the song of the first stage of Sonic Adventure Time 2.

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