Last day of Voting- My Favourites of LD33

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September 13th, 2015 2:38 pm

Hey everyone! As of writing there is one day left to vote on entries for LD33. I’ve had a load of fun developing my own entry, which I’ve gone into detail in a post mortem, and afterwards I’ve gone and tried out and voted on as many games as I can, which isn’t easy since I started a new job last month. So here are my five favourites so far:

Escape from Twump Tower

Honorary award for catchiest music track in a LD game, this is a very colourful game for such a topical storyline. Music is really catchy and I love the Megaman approach.

Intergalactic Love Machine

I love the dialogue and the text options, this is a really neat idea to base the theme on and the design of the monsters are really well made, fitting with the individual characters.


Very well made, I like the strategy involved in planning how to overwhelm the player ship to make it lose all its lives. I hope MrTwister expands this to give some more level and boss varieties, since I managed to beat the player after three rounds and the game just looped around.


Brilliantly simple and novel concept, definitely liked the level of micromanagement you have to pull off in the later levels.

A Shadow In The Night

A very well polished puzzle platformer, with a unique jumping mechanic. Really good take on classic movie vampires with a great art style!

I’m really looking forward to the results, and see which games I’ve completely missed or had surprised me by somehow reaching the top rankings. I’m also hoping to see how well my game did, which if you are curious and wish to vote on, play it here!

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  1. MrTwister says:

    I wasn’t expecting to see my game on any list, TBH.
    This is amazing! Thanks! You made my day, mate :)

    I will expand R-ADIUS a bit (not a whole lot, though. I’d like to keep it simple and not fall into the endless let’s-add-one-more-thing-to-the-game vortex) in a near future, fixing a few issues it has, and probably adding a few more upgrade options. For the time being there’s the post-jam version, which is the regular jam version, but with a victory screen that gives you a rank (if you are interested on getting your strategy “graded” by the game).

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