Terror Bird, Post-Jam Update

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September 11th, 2015 8:42 pm


I’ve been working on Terror Bird Feeding Frenzy a bit since the Jam ended, and I’ve finally got things wrapped up into a Post-Jam version.  You can find the new version linked on my entry page (Windows is recommended: it runs better and has some graphical improvements).

I’d love anyone’s feedback on the game in general, but also if you think it’s worth expanding further.

Terror Bird Feeding Frenzy Post-Jam

If you haven’t already played the Jam version, you can play and rate it here, or you can find the change log below if you’re already played the original.

Post-Jam changes:

  • Much larger play area.
  • New food to eat.
  • New things to smash.
  • Jump even further.
  • Improved physics interactions. (You can smash things into humans)
  • Improved graphics quality. (Windows version only, requires a somewhat fast computer)
  • Controls for eating are streamlined:
    • No longer have to stop moving while eating.
    • You can eat multiple foods at the same time if they’re close together.
    • Can hold down left mouse to eat food as soon as you’re close enough to it, rather than clicking once it’s in range.

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