Post-jam version MEGA update!

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September 11th, 2015 1:14 pm

This has been a hard week and I had almost no time to work on my entry.¬†Anyway I’ve been able to add a couple of new features for the post-jam version. You can rate the original jam version HERE and the updated post-jam version HERE.


Who doesn’t love new features?

So far this is the complete changelog:

  • First and last maps have a fixed layout now
  • Levels won’t repeat anymore in a single game (bugfix)
  • Different tilesets depending on depth (I recolored the base tileset as a placeholder for now)
  • Music is streamed instead of preloaded
  • Text appears when picking potions or leveling up. More informative
  • Text is animated now
  • More enemy types
  • Some enemy types are tied to certain depths
  • Touch controls
  • Combat is speed based now. Foes faster than you will atack first
  • Reduced amount of potions appearing
  • Special abilities for players. Troll (regeneration) and Cacodemon (See enemies and ladder) are already implemented
  • Diagonal movement enabled, both for players and enemies
  • Added Field of View for players
  • Foes have an alert radius. They won’t chase you unless they notice your presence
  • Ability to skip turns
  • Many more potion types. Some more useful than others. Also tweaked generation rate for the most powerful ones
  • Ascending will heal you 10HP
  • Changed starting stats for players. Troll is stronger but near-sighted, lizard is fast but weak. Try it yourself!

Still to-do:

  • Finish drawing the tiles
  • Add more songs
  • Poison and burn states
  • Ability for Demon, Imp and Lizard
  • Fix bugs (player appearing over ladders or items on map generation)
  • Adding super rare and difficult special maps

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