On map generation

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September 11th, 2015 9:37 am

(You can play and rate my entry HERE)

I’ve succesfully integrated rot.js map generation with my game… only to discover that those tiny (19*15 tiles) generated maps are not fun at all to play. So I’m sticking to premade maps. I’ll add some more later.

For my next attempt at programming a rogelike the map will be BIGGER than the viewport.

New features implemented to the post-jam version (will be updated shortly):

  • Different tilesets based on depth. I have recolored the base tileset to act as a placeholder (for now).
  • Each main character has a unique special ability that is automatically triggered on each turn.
  • Three new potions.
  • First and last floors are fixed now (The Lair & The Town).
  • Floors won’t repeat anymore.
  • Foes now have an alert radius. They won’t chase you unless they are aware of your presence. Each foe has a different alert radius: that means you won’t be chased by all foes at the same time when entering a floor!
Not that exciting

Not that exciting.


No room to maneuver.

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  1. demogorgon says:

    Looks like nethack, looks cool. 😀

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