My ratings might be a little skewed

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September 11th, 2015 3:43 am

5 – Wow!
4 – Good job!
3 – You tried!
2 – >:(
1 – You’ve clearly done the exact opposite of this category.
N/A – You didn’t try for this category, or I didn’t try to play your game

As a result, I’m kind of neglecting 1- and 2-star ratings, and thus not actually utilizing the entire rating scale. I don’t know if I should feel bad.

How have you been doing your ratings?

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  1. bombjack says:

    5- really amazing. Stands above the rest. One of the best.
    4- still great. Top entry but could be improved
    3- nice entry. Has the minimal requirements
    2- good try but could be improved a lot
    1- not good but there is still an idea
    na- total crap or really not applicable

    I always try to stay positive even if it’s not a type of game that I like.

  2. GhostBomb says:

    I rate almost all my games 4 or 5 stars, but I’m way too picky about what games I play so I figure it would be unfair to judge the games I rate based only on the other games I’ve played.

  3. hexagore says:

    5 – You blew my mind. Holy crap.
    4 – Impressive. Really adds to your game.
    3 – Perfectly adequate. It is “nice”.
    2 – It’s okay but it subtracts from your game a bit.
    1 – Just truly awful. It actually ruined your game for me. Please never do this again.

  4. cynicalmonkey says:

    5 – good concept, fun to play, looked great, could see it as a retailed game
    4 – high level of polish, see what you were going for, but wasn’t for me though/ generic concept/ derivative mechanic
    3 – you hit the theme and your game works
    2 – didn’t do anything interesting with theme, broken mechanics, uninteresting to play
    1 – did you even read what the theme was?

    I may be a harsh market (especially for a first timer) but I figured my marking doesn’t have to be consistent with everyone else just consistent with everything else I rate

    Have felt bad when I have rated a game a 3 and then look at the comments and everyone is lik “awesome job, game is amazing, I would pay for that” so I am just thee wondering if a) we played the same game b) I am s dick

    but if a game does nothing for me and I don’t enjoy playing it I feel weird giving it a high mark just due to the level of polish it might have even if everyone else thinks it’s the best game ( an example would be mobs inc which I didn’t mark a 2 or anything but everyone seems to love that game and it just did zero for me. So while I can see the work that went in and can appreciate the games aesthetic I just didn’t have fun playing it so scored it 4 overall with 5’s for art and sound but 3’s elsewhere)

  5. pixzleone says:

    I mostly think about what kinda ratings I would expect if i was the maker of that game, based on my previous ratings and ratings I´ve seen others get.

  6. g_o says:

    5 – Brilliant (one of the best)
    4 – Great
    3 – Cool
    2 – Could do better, didn’t put everything he/she got
    1 – Awful, didn’t try or just trolled something out. Also for things that suspiciously aren’t that related to the theme.

  7. Madball says:

    I didn’t participate in this LD, but my ratings are the same everytime:
    5 – Exceptionally good. Can’t believe it took 48/72 hours.
    4 – Between 3 and 5.
    3 – Average. For rarely-used categories like humor and mood, an average among games made for this category.
    2 – Between 1 and 3.
    1 – Opposite of 5. Can’t believe it took 48/72 hours.
    This scale works for all categories, and it’s pretty unambiguous.

    But I rate theme a bit differently:
    1 – No theme at all.
    2 – There is theme, but not in the core. If you redraw/rename the game, it could fit another theme.
    3 – There is theme, and it’s in the core.
    4 – At least 3, and an original interpretation. Something I never though about.
    5 – I didn’t come up with a criterion. Just give a game a 5 if you want.

  8. This is really tricky, and I’m not sure I even follow my own rules most of the time, but the fairest criteria I could come up with was this:

    5 – I would be happy to see this game in top 10
    4 – I would be happy to see this game in top 50
    3 – I would be happy to see this game in top 200
    2 – This game isn’t really good enough for top 200
    1 – This game isn’t really good enough to rank in this category

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