Oh, You Monster! Post Mortem

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September 10th, 2015 10:12 pm


The theme this time was “You are the monster”. This is an interesting theme as it’s open to many interpretations. We decided to avoid a typical monster scenario and went with an idea about someone having a monstrous personality instead, a real jerk. This lead to an idea of a speed dating sim with the twist being the player character is cursed with this monstrous personality and has to somehow “Win” a date.

Before entering the Ludum Dare we both agreed that we would only take part if we could come up with an idea that could also be implemented into our real game (we’ll talk about that later). With the speed dating idea we knew we could do it with a simple dialogue tree system. Our real game needed a dialogue tree system. We could kill two birds with one code! We agreed to subject ourselves to a weekend of torture.

You know what? It was a pleasure! It couldn’t have gone any smoother. Our last LD entry was pretty stressful. We completed a playable game but we could have done so much more. We worked really hard but in hindsight I wish we had worked that hard on our real game instead. Creating a system for this LD that benefits our real game meant that if we didn’t finish the Jam or made something truly awful (verdict is still out) then at least we’ve made some serious progress on our dialogue system. Which we have!

We needed some simple characters first. We came up with cardboard box characters. I had literally just woken up and it was the first thing that popped into my head. We needed something simple and quick to draw, a box is easy to draw so we went with it not stopping to think if it was stupid.

Then we thought we could call the player character Carl Boardbox. We didn’t need to stop to think if it was stupid, we knew it was yet we kept going anyway. Why didn’t we stop…?

Then we needed the dialogue and the dialogue system. The dialogue system came together nicely with features such as camera and animation control within the UI so the idiot writer can help the programmer. We wrote the dialogue and slapped it in the game and for the most part the whole thing worked!

We added the Win/Lose conditions and a final cutscene and we were golden. Tweaks and polish later and we have a silly, simple game that’s left us with tools to continue making our real game. All in all a very rewarding Ludum Dare this time around. I look forward to #34!

Please give our game a try if you haven’t already!

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