Drama in Space – Post Mortem

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September 5th, 2015 9:33 am

Since this was my first LD for the compo, it was quite a challenge for me, but I think, that what I did come up with was a good result.



What went right:

  • I had plenty of time, came up with the idea really quick and had overall a ton of fun
  • The amount of weapons I was able to add in the time was quite ok and the unique characteristics of each weapon seems to be quite fun for all
  • The difficulty-settings seem to be q good thing to add, it was a last-4 hours idea. Since you unlock the last few weapons quite a bit into the game, it was good to have a Fun-mode with all weapons already unlocked so you can test and play around without the grind before.
  • I went for a really simplistic art style since art is not really my major skill, but it works quite well for this game

What went wrong:

  • I have some major performance problems in the compo-build, its not that bad, but due to a other bug, you received less points with the starting-weapon if you don’t reach the 60fps it is locked to (already fixed but not published yet, I not only fixed the bug but increased the performance by ~1000% :))
  • The difficulty is not rising enough with the player getting more advanced weapons, I am working on that (new enemies, better enemy-AI)


What will come out of Drama in Space

I am already working on Drama in Space 1.1, which will include tons of new weapons, new enemies, new gamemodes and a huge chunk of weapon balancing and performance increase. I am also working on quite a bit of new mechanics and the artstyle, Drama in Space will be a full blown minigame in the future!

I received a ton of feedback and working on everything that was criticized. I would love to see your feedback as well, so please go over and try my game and leave me feedback with what you liked and what you disliked.

I am thinking about putting the game on Steam Greenlight once Drama in Space 1.1 is out, we will see.


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