Ludum Dare Comment Checker!

Posted by (twitter: @literalgames)
September 4th, 2015 6:11 am

Are you constantly refreshing your game’s entry page like me just waiting and waiting for new comments? Wish there was something that could notify you when you get a new comment? Well now there is! Enter the Ludum Dare Comment Checker!


Get the code here!

It’s a little Python3 script that requires PyGUI (for the alert box). You also need your Ludum Dare unique game id, which can be found here:

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 12.01.47

Happy rating! Also this is the first time I really used Python for anything proper, so code review/suggestions for improvement would be fantastic!

(Also Mike an API would be nice for the next LD website pretty please?)

9 Responses to “Ludum Dare Comment Checker!”

  1. Leuthil says:

    Nice idea :). There are also web page change detectors you can use (although I haven’t tried it but now I’m curious! lol). I found a list here:

    But your Python script is a very LD-esque solution :).

  2. Highsight says:

    I too would LOVE an API! When I was setting up my super stream, I had to do alot of bulk HTML scraping for titles, authors and downloads. Would be great if all of those were exposed instead. :)

  3. joppiesaus says:

    Awesome. You should add another optional option to specify what LD! 😀

  4. g_o says:

    Very nice! would appreciate a GUI though since python has some builtin modules to make something basic u’know nothing too fancy. Taking it further would be to make a notification system but that’s of course too much. Just throwing the idea in case you ever return to this 😉

  5. Aaranos says:

    Love the idea of it but it doesn’t work for me, looking for a win32con. Guessing because I’m 64bit, might want to mention that if so.

  6. eddie007 says:

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