Timelapse and postmortem: “You are them, on s.t.e.r.”

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September 1st, 2015 2:12 pm

Let’s start this post off with a video showing me constantly hitting myself in the face while trying to create something (music for the video by the amazing Dan Terminus):

I had always wanted to write a postmortem after a LD, but never got around to actually doing it, so instead of writing nothing again I decided to just write a tiny postmortem this time.
So, this was my 7th Ludum Dare. It was, as always, a whole lot of fun, I learned a lot and it was pretty exhausting. Business as usual.
What was different for me this time, is that it was also kind of frustrating. I had a lot of problems that took too much time solving. The main cause for this is probably that I went 3D this time and that I had not really prepared for that.
I had huge problems with the workflow between Blender and Unity. An example for that: 5 hours before the end of the compo I decided to rework the model for my turrets, just a tiny little bit so it looks better. Unity did not overwrite the model on the turret prefab, so I thought: Okay, I’ll just place it on the prefab and see if it works and after that I can still revert this. Well, there was some kind of warning that I don’t remember exactly, but I think it was a little unclear stating what would happen, so I continued. The end result was that all of my turrets (and I have quite a lot of them) didn’t work anymore and I had to place them all anew, which took quite a bit of time that was then missing for polishing and balancing.
Due to my unpreparedness I had to watch tutorials on how to animate a model in Blender while the competition was running, which is something that should really be done in advance. Had I already known how everything worked I would’ve saved a couple of hours.
Well, thanks to all these time consuming things, I feel like I have not put enough effort into what really matters and am thus not completely satisfied with how the game turned out. The narrative could’ve used some more work, the balancing is suboptimal to say the least, the game does not look good and the music is just one chord progression and one melody, which I am most sad about since I love working on the music, but there was just not enough time.
All in all though, the game is not that bad and I guess I learned even more than in previous LDs due to trying something new. So as a result I am already looking forward to the next one and I hope I’ll remember to be better prepared than this time around.

Here, have a screenshot and a link to the game and thanks for your attention!


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