Awesome Ludum Dare Games!

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September 1st, 2015 11:27 am

Hey guys, this is quite honestly my time participating in a Ludum Dare game jam and boy is this so much fun. Not only did I manage to accomplish something great, but I also get to play so many unique and beautiful games! Seriously,  it’s awesome to see so many creative minds expressing themselves and I just wanted to take the time to express just a few games that I’ve enjoyed thus far.


Super Snake Time


This is simply a fun little game, in this you play as a bunch of piranha plants

who are attempting to eat a bunch of Marios. It’s a fun game and gave me some good laughs.

Morally Upright Siren


In this game you play a siren who must guide boats to safety with your voice. And I actually do mean your voice, prior that this game requires you need a mic in order to sing to the boats. You will have to play around with a few settings in the game to get it functioning, but trust me it’s worth the price of entry.

Monster Pizza


Oh my gosh Monster Pizza… This game is a blast! You play as a giant dinosaur (Who looks like Raptar, imo) who must deliver pizzas all over town without causing as much collateral damage as possible. Playing this game made me laugh extremely hard as I hit building after building by pure accident.

That’s just a few games that I’ve enjoyed thus far, I definitely want to cover more games in future post.

Anyway, I’ll catch you all later. Happy LD33 😀

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