Seasons Post-Mortem

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August 31st, 2015 8:55 pm

Graham Dolle(Artist, Coder, Co-designer)

I would like to take some time to talk about the game we made for this Ludum Dare. I worked with my girlfriend on this LD as I did with the last. We started out wanting to make a game about alien planets and exploration in the form a twine-style game, but after thinking about the work division and the amount of work it would take we decided to make a puzzle game in Unity instead.

The game all began with one game design doc…but it’s more of just a doodle




so from the beginning we head a decent idea of how the game would work. As we went through I slowly added more mechanics and more structure. The First night we really didnt do anything but plan because i had to work. The second night though…I stayed up the whole night writing the map loading code and all the mechanics. The next day we hung out at a barnes and noble in Baltimore and made some levels and tightened up some code. Then that monday we finished up the levels and did some vfx and format stuff(menus etc.). This game came out really well and it was super easy and fun to make so we’ll be working on it more. Many of the bugs and short comings of the jam version have been worked out this past week. Anyways, not a long post-mortem, but feel free to ask me any questions on twitter or here @cbear_wallis <3 and try out the game


Bailey Carroll(Co-designer, Musician)

Our first idea for the jam was a text-based game about a space explorer whose race is dying and needs to get to a planet that has the main ingredient for a cure. I did a whole bunch of pre-writing for this game, and we brainstormed a ton before realizing the game we hoped to make was just too big and would take more than a few days to make. That being said, we quickly changed our whole look on the jam. Knowing from the start that we didn’t want to follow the theme, we decided to make a different take on the game we made for the last Ludum Dare entitled Garden State.

Since I don’t code at all, my job was mostly planning out the game and coming up with quirky ideas for levels. Roadblocks or water-sources that would fit into each season were a must considering our only ideas were water drops and stones when we started our original planning. Both Graham and I were able to meet up only on one occasion during the making of the game, which proved to be both vital and awful; vital because of the work we were able to do together and awful because we should have spent another day together just planning it. Not having another day to just work on the game was our biggest roadblock in my opinion. The game was my first introduction to level design and I was faced with a lot of problems along the way that would have been easily resolved if Graham and I were together. All in all, however, my only regret is not putting in more flower puns. Flower puns make everything much better.

<3 try out the game <3

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