Impressions and my best of LD games

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August 31st, 2015 1:13 pm

Hello, The Great Ludum Dare community!

This Ludum Dare was amazing, gived to me a lot of feelings and impressions by creating and playing games. This is WOW feelings.

What about games: they are great! Everyone. I love to see how they all was created on this LD and we all can play to this. Then played to some games, i created a some tips to you all:

  • The most folders was named as a “Monster”, it can be more unique
  • The games needs easy in-game-tutorial or how-to. Peoples playing in your game very quickly and they don’t reading a lot of text
  • The most game sessions is 1-3 minutes
  • The goal of the game is really important. You should give to player a target or some challendge to do

Ok, I want to share with community some games, what give me a LOT of emotions. So, lets start:

Nimble by Lynx

Nimble it is a beautiful game with amazing styled graphics. I really love this Lynx art style! In game you should run between hiding places and scare peoples. The gameplay uses your reactions (i love this too 😉 and you have to run across level by pressing right arrow keys. This game with deep music looks great!

GROWL by Ulydev


I have a weakness to games like Super Hexagon, Duet or Boson X. This one looks like Hexagon and took a serious attention by me. Inside of this game you can see a great visual effects and pumping music. Anyway this game took some time from me and got for this a lot of nice feelings! I playing Ulydev games from LD31 and i like them all 😉 Good job!

Space Junk by Pixelgriffin


Okay, my another weakness – content generation. This one can a really suprised me! This graphic style, gameplay and a BOSS GENERATION should be a great game! And it is. Just try it, a very polished game! Anyway – the main feature – ship generation is done perfectly. Great!

 Takodemon by Split82

15279-shot0-1440379117.png-eq-900-500 (2)

When i started this game, it was a “wow” effect. So beatiful graphics and effects for 48 hours? Incredible! And a unique gameplay took you time to try it and play! A great game experience! You all should try it! 😉

 HOMUNCULUS by Headchant


 This game seems a very strange one. Then i started this, i doesn’t understand nothing (also i dont like the puzzles and this game looks like this one), but then i play it more and reading comments to How-to, I understand that this is brilliant one! It’s take a lot of time from me to play’n’enjoy to this game. Great gameplay mechanics that have to suprise you!

And a bit of standart shameless self-promotion:

Beats of Nightmare by Me

Beats of Nightmare is a super tough procedurally generated racer in which you play a shadowy nightmare, chasing an orb of light across three increasingly challenging levels” (c) found review on my game here (look on this to get a tip How-to, it’s great! i should learn how to describe the things!)

That’s all! Thank you all for attention and good luck!
A Great Ludum Dare community!

PS. seems i loving the black-white games…

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  1. AgentParsec says:

    If you get the chance, please try “Beast Of The Woods”. :)

  2. Lynx says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for the kind words and great list of games, fellow orange theme dev!

  3. Ulydev says:

    Thanks a LOT for the kind words, Insality!

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