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August 30th, 2015 5:32 pm

A new edition of the LudumDare; and No Wand Studios, a small studio of four Spanish young people, participates for the second time to show our craziness.

This time we liked the theme more than the last one. The brainstorming was shorter and better ideas came out of it. In the studio, we are big fans of the tycoon genre and we also love kaijus (Who doesn’t?). So out of all the ideas we decided soon to join those two concepts.

As in all brainstorming we began with great and very funny ideas … but very costly in time. So we had to reduce it to a single gameplay mechanic. You would have to blend kaijus and send them against cities. When this was done, we saw that the battle may be somewhat boring. As we were (or we thought) on timetable we decided to add some of the features that we had though during the brainstorming. We also included some goodies for a feed stage and world news with a lot of references to geek & freak culture.


This complicated the game a little more. Now the kaijus had three stats and towns responded to the attack. All of this went along great until the last two hours until delivery. The last two hours were absolutely crazy, our programmers almost collapsed, but they withstood the pressure well.

Thus, we face Kaiju Tycoon, a simulator where you carry the kaijumancer and you send your creatures to destroy the world.

Summarizing, we talk about the pros and cons:


  • We have learned a lot of things. This has been our 2nd Ludum Dare. We have known our limits and each one has learnt more about the skills of the team.
  • We have made an expandable game. The game has one mechanic and we believe that adding all mechanics from the brainstorming can become a great game.
  • Art and mood are so great. Even though it’s wrong for us to say it, we think that the game have a great look and a great atmosphere. Also we recommend you to read all the news feed because it’s really funny.



  • We scoped bad. Definitely we wanted to include too many things. Maybe that’s why the game only has one simple mechanic.
  • We were overconfident. Development flowed and that’s why we were overconfident. This confidence took their toll on us the last 2 hours before submit.
  • We don’t have musician in our team and we must use free audio. That point must be improved in future jams.
  • We lack of experience. As we said already it’s our 2nd ludum dare. We have to be more organized. However we notice improvement regarding our 1st We think that we are on the right track.

If you’ve read up to here, simply thanks for your time and check it out: KAIJU TYCOON


Stay tuned!

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