Alien Rush post-mortem

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August 30th, 2015 11:10 am

Alien Rush is mine 6th LD entry and mine 5th Compo entry. You can play it here.



What I’m happy about:

  • Gameplay – Most people commenting my game (my friends or other LD participants) says that my game is good, addictive and based around good idea. Personally I also like it :)
  • Game genre – All my former games are platformers or top-down shooters. I didn’t want to make another same game, so I decided to make something different, and the final result is mash-up between platformer, real-time strategy and tower defense.
  • Graphics – In my former games graphics were awful. I think Alien Rush graphics are acceptable, which is already big improvement (and some people even likes graphics!). During warmup, I had a bit of practice with pixel art. Also, I learned how to make animations. I think they adds life to my game.
  • Level design – Most players and I think that levels are nice and fun to play.

What I have mixed feelings about:

  • Theme – Amount of ways LD participants could use it was pretty small, in the other hand,  there were a lot worse themes during votes, or former LDs.
  • My engine – I really like Unity3D and its workflow. But there was one bug in engine that caused me a lot of pain. It caused that some Rigidbodies2D automatically translated into (0,0,0). Everytime it happened I had to restart Editor.
  • Sound – Sound in my game is just SFXR-generated sound effects. I cannot make any music (I’m willing to learn it someday). Besides that, I feel that sound – similar to animations – makes my game alive
  • Splash screen tutorial and learning curve – it translates rules of the game, but now I think that in-game tutorial would be better, ever if I had to sleep one hour less :) Also, learning curve is too steep IMO. I should add easy level 1, which also would serve as tutorial.

What I don’t like:

  • Balance – I hate balancing units and I can’t do it, no matter how hard I would try. As a result, cannons are practically useless, and game feels overall unbalanced.
  • Way I made this game – Shortly after I got idea of game, I sat down and started making it, without any thinking how I will do it. As a result, code is a mess and it leads to last issuse
  • Glitches and annoying things – I fixed all major bugs, but some things are a result of implementation design (e. g. houses blocking units). I couldn’t fix it without remaking almost whole game.

What I hate:

  • I hate that I didn’t make any screens during development or timelapse :(

Anyway, I’m very happy with result. You can play my game here.

Other things about my game:

  • Major inspirations were Lemmings (gameplay, way of commanding units), StarCraft (plot, units) and Plants vs Zombies (HUD, overall design).
  • I’m still thinking about making post-compo version, but I don’t know if I will have sufficient time (school begins soon). In post-compo version, I would rewrite game, eliminating all glitches and annoying things. I’d also like to rebalance game and add in-game tutorial, more levels, more complex A.I. and music).
  • I were going to add menu which would serve as invasion plan, but I ran out of time.
  • If you want to ask me anything about my game or post-compo version, feel free to do it under this post.



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