Player Rush Post-Mortem

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August 29th, 2015 5:31 pm

Hey everyone! We hope you’ve been enjoying all these awesome games – we sure have! ūüėÄ

We’re a three man team based in the UK, like most of you looking to create awesome games and level up whenever possible! We also had a friend of the group, Ollie, join in this LD to try his hand at doing 2D sprites & animation – he did awesome!

This is our fourth time entering Ludum Dare and will most definitely not be the last!

Our Entry

In Player Rush, you play as the final boss in a newly released RAID dungeon. Players from across the globe are partying up take you down and steal your loot. Your objective is to survive and kill as many of them as you can!


Click Here to play Player Rush!


So another Ludum Dare over, another game made!¬†Here’s how it went:

The good!

  • We managed to make a really pretty looking game this time around, which is awesome.
  • We came up with an idea very quickly, and settled on it almost straight away with the pitch ‘play as a boss in an MMO raid’.
  • We used our special Hot Box Framework to base the game off which made a bunch of things easier, and some more difficult (our¬†foresight is not as good as we like to think it is).
  • The game works, controls are solid and there aren’t many bugs (that we know of!).
  • We had tons of fun of course!

The not so good!

  • As usual, we overshot our initial idea. Even though we tried to keep it simple, turns out we’re not very good at keeping it simple.
  • Because we overshot the idea, we¬†had originally started to make the enemy AI a lot more complicated than it is in the final version. This wasted a lot of time and caused a bunch of confusion. On the last day we¬†had to practically scrap all existing AI and make it a lot simpler.
  • Again, because of the overshoot we only had enough time to implement one player attack, although it does look super sweet.
  • During the submission hour, all hell broke loose when our game was crashing instantly on web & client builds. We were panicking and screaming and jumping until we found out that we had some issues with some of our sound files. Reimporting the sound files and recreating the objects fixed this problem. We’re¬†also going to blame this on our initial idea being too large, as we were struggling to not be overwhelmed we forgot to do test builds!

What’s next?

We’ve decided to make a post-compo version with a few of the things we didn’t have time to implement such as:

  • Slightly smarter AI, healers don’t avoid you enough, knights aren’t too good at knocking you back and warriors have this lame bug with trying to attack the player when they’re not in range.
  • An additional dps enemy, a mage.
  • A few visual tweaks that are¬†bugging the hell out of us (like animation speeds, transparency on some of the animations, lights etc.)
  • More player attacks, this includes a ‘rage mode’ for the last 25% of health in which the player will get an extra attack and be able to move faster along with a few other perks.

Here’s a quick preview of the new ‘rage mode’ attack:


Show me what you got!

So far we’ve had some really great¬†feedback, both on¬†the LD website and on Twitter – we’d like to say a big THANK YOU for all the kind words AND any constructive feedback, it really is appreciated. Who knows, you may see this as a full release in the near future…

We’ve also been having a blast playing all these awesome submissions,¬†there are so many creative and whacky ideas out there! We’re doing our damndest to play¬†as many entries as we can and so far we’ve managed to play every entry that has come our way on Twitter, so keep em’ coming!


Stay schwifty,


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  1. namrog84 says:

    I like what you got! Good Job!

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