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August 29th, 2015 8:40 am

Puzzle terminology is unclear. One of my favorite game genres is what I used to call “puzzles” until I heard some games of chance referred to as puzzles. So these days I say “logic puzzles”. I can’t give you an exact definition but if you find yourself frequently thinking “but if I put that here, then this has to go there, but then that can’t go there, but… oh, er, hmmm…” while playing a game then there is a good chance that it is a logic puzzle. A few other characteristic features are:

  • no hidden information – everything you need to solve the level is there on the screen in front of you
  • always solvable and with completely deterministic gameplay (no chance element)
  • no or very low requirement to think quickly or perform tricky actions
  • solving them should require some level of ingenuity – so a standard maze doesn’t count, nor a puzzle where most of the difficulty is working out the mechanics
  • physics puzzles and puzzle platformers generally don’t count, but it depends on the “but if I put that here…” factor

Logic puzzles can have a cult following but they aren’t so common so I thought I would share a list of such games that I have found this Ludum Dare so other like-minded players can find them easily. I’m listing these games in no particular order, although I’m excluding obviously incomplete games.

I’m super sure that the list is not exhaustive so please let me know of any others you find! (Suggestions for better terminology are also welcome!)

Logic puzzles (according to my meaning of the phrase):
BaseCase – Delicious Ships!
khahem – Detached
Draknek – Slime Saga
thegdr – Splat
madlee – Unfinished Piece
panda – You! Are the monster
lessmilk – Gravity Snake
sprawl – Entropy
VelvelaJade – Zevy’s Puzzlers
Fanaen – Mindvasion
reheated – Milky Helps People (that’s mine)

The following games combine logic puzzles with a component of observing enemy movement. They really are logic puzzles but not all the information is on-screen at once.
ehtd – Eat Sheep
person124 – A Monster Is You!
Jacic – Team S.T.E.A.L.T.H
lubos – Dungeons Deep

Other games with a major logic puzzle element:
daveh – Lure.Lair.Lunch
bowlercaptain – The Terror of the Night of Day
TMW – Quarantine Zone # 1
avultima – Collateral Choice
Open Rift – Shadow Wolf
966623 – RGBlob
MSiddeek – Monster and Hero

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  1. Dizzly says:

    Maybe you can take a look at my entry… It s a little borderline by reading your definition of puzzle but maybe it can fit.

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