Greetings Human 2.0 Concept Art

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August 28th, 2015 3:24 pm

After playing over 150 LD33 entries this week, I figure it’s time to start looking at where to take Greetings, Human as a more polished game. So, here are a couple concept pieces for the menu & codex if I were to port the game to iOS/mobile devices. The biggest challenge is fitting entries into the codex screen. Right now I’m down to 16 races, which is about half of what was in the base game. With that said, there’s going to be a lot more stuff to juggle, so maybe having fewer races to hunt through is a good thing. We’ll see.

Anyway, here are the first two “screens” as a preview.

menu_concept codex_concept

And, as always, you can play the original Ludum Dare edition here:

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2 Responses to “Greetings Human 2.0 Concept Art”

  1. Vereos says:

    I really enjoyed the game when I played it earlier this evening and I’d really like to see this in stores! :)

  2. yuigoto says:

    This is really going to be a good one! Maybe randomize the codex? And try to favor races in a way that the majority starts with the same letter or looks like the current? 😛

    Can’t wait to see it! :)

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