Earthpocalypse – Post Mortem

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August 28th, 2015 5:51 am

With less than 24 hours to make my game due to school exams, I decided to lower my aim from making top 100 compo again  (My LD 32 game) to just trying something new. So I decided to try and make my first simple “strategy / management” game. My idea was simple, keep the Earth alive mine up all its resources to build a rocket and escape before everything goes ka-poot. Although I wanted to add a few more thing into my game, I am very happy with how it turned out despite my time limitations.

Gif 1 Earthpocalypse


What Went Well

Time management

This Ludum Dare started on a Saturday and I stated working on Sunday.

Surprisingly enough though I was able to juggle working on this game with studying  for my exam on Monday…



For a game not too centered on graphics, I think everything looks nice, its a fair note to say that the moon was a bit blurry due to being rushed last minute. The colour pallet was a retro gameboy as I wanted to get graphics as fast as possible and not have to worry about colour presentation.

The little man in the bottom corner had about an 40 mins spent on him, I know nothing about pixel art and coincidentally he just happens to look like one of my best friends.


What Went Bad


I have about half a page of ideas for towers and what they do. I didnt really think of how each tower would affect the gameplay and just ended up putting as much into the game without a second thought. The game turned out to be a bit easier than I imagined with everyone who won going for the exact same strategy.


Graphics Aren’t In Sync With Music :(

I tried so very hard to get this part right, It works for a wee bit then goes out of time. The song turns out to have one or two parts just less than a second shorter than the rest of the song, thus making it near impossible for me to figure out a pattern to sync the graphics to.


What I Wanted To Add


I wanted to make it so you would have to reach a certain number of research to unlock a new tower. This idea was dropped due to time restraints and lack of different towers.

The Moooooooooooon!

My plan for the moon was to have it so you could build ONE building on it, it would not effect the Earths health and would function 2 beats slower. However, the moon would rotate around the Earth positioned over a tower during X number of beats. This allowed for any building on the moon to directly affect a specific tower for a certain amount of beats.

The moon would be unlocked after getting halfway to your research goal.


Here Is A Simple Gif And A Link

(You can play Earthpocalypse here)

gif 2 Earthpocalypse


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