Most Portem: Our most complete entry yet

August 27th, 2015 7:36 am

You are the villain monster!

I felt this was worth a post since this is probably the most complete game we’ve submitted since we started doing the Jam using our particular formula.

For those unaware, we run a kid-friendly/parent-friendly (well supervised) Minecraft server called IndieSquish, and every so often we enter Ludum Dare as a community. All the in-game assets are built on the Minecraft server by anyone who wishes to participate, and we do try and use every single thing that gets made. These items then get exported to a format that can be used by Maya/Blender and animated there. The end result is a voxel-like art style.

Including myself, 31 people showed up on the weekend to help build the village and monsters. The youngest, as far as I know, was 9.

In progress shot at the end of Saturday.

Not sure why time worked out better. We usually try to aim for as simple a concept as possible, but inevitably we always run out of time. On the development side, some things that I thought would take long- like guard patrols and vision cones, were quick, and other things that should really be simple- like the “hold down key to search container” mechanic took longer.

Another reason I thought would probably contribute to wasted time is that I built the game using an experimental build of Unity on Linux – but too did not seem to slow things down. There was even enough time to add in sound – usually the first thing to get get culled when the deadline hits.

Since I don’t have a recipe for success, I’m going to go with: We got lucky!

Hope to get equally lucky next time. :)

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