Eat Sheep & Die Post-mortem

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August 27th, 2015 6:27 pm

Well, I had a pretty good time last weekend despite not being enthused by the theme, I ended up making a game based around the idiom “A Wolf in Sheep’s clothing” and it turned out all right!



My basic concept was you eat sheep, the more you eat, the more wool you wear and so the sheep are less scared of you, but you move slower. I had a few ideas of how the wool would be removed, like  other wolves thinking you’re a sheep, taking damage (wire fences, angry farmers, charging rams) and maybe I’ll add a shearing sequence if I had time (I didn’t!)


I wanted it to look cute and simple but I wasn’t sure I could make it work, so I broke my one rule and made graphics before any sort of code. This wasn’t so bad as the simple style worked and was quite quick to make, plus the cute art really contrasted against the brutal sheep murder that the game is.  yay.



I worked almost non stop on the Sunday, but looking back, it would’ve been a good idea to have done a lot more on Saturday, maybe next time I’ll skip sleeping, I always feel at the end I’m always 2 hours short of time ): Due to this I never managed to test it properly and realise how necessary the shearing event was, I’ve since uploaded a post-compo version with it in and it really adds to the challenge of the game. Overall, I’m really pleased with the game, much more than my previous entry, going to definitely stick to 2D games  when going solo, 3D is just too painful.



I’ve had some great feedback so far, thanks to all who’ve played it, and for those who haven’t….

Play it here 😉 


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  1. Headmade says:

    I don’t think skipping sleep is a good idea. Sure you will work more hours but you just won’t be as productive. You will be slower overall and start to make stupid and obvious mistakes which will cost you even more time. Rest is essential.

    • Conk says:

      True, I’ve game jammed before without sleep and it wasn’t a fun process, I meant more sleeping less, say 10 hours over the weekend instead of 16. Just so I have more time to test it and make adjustments 😛

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