First Day – The Idea:

At first I was going to do a game where you were a dad monster feeding your baby monster humans.  Kinda morbid, but the artwork I would create would have lent a funny, somewhat non-disturbing visual of the concept.  I was not able to get much done during this day other than visually thinking about how the game would play, look and feel.  Why was I not able to do much the first day other than that?  I am in the process of buying my first home and the brunt of the work for that happen to land that Thursday and Friday, so yay for that timing.

Second Day – A change of plans:

Yup, the second I started drawing the artwork a different character emerged from the pencil and paper: Poppy.  A dapper, middle aged monster who got the chance to be on Bob & Bob A’s Dining Room Arena game show: Eat Humans.


The idea of the game was something akin to a cash shower grab booth, only this was for monsters catching and eating their fill of humans within a certain time frame.  There are different types of humans depending on their diet: Red Shirts = Red Meat Eaters, Green Shirts = Vegetarians, Blue Shirts = Seafood Eaters, Orange Shirts = Dessert Eaters, and piece de resistance (PDR) = Fancy Food Humans.  Then there would be the humans who would fight back, so Gray Shirts who would explode when close to you.  Each would have a different point value and the point value would increase if your monster “prepared” each human respectively by either Sawing, Chilling, or Cooking.  To defend yourself from the gray humans you would shoot a fireball at them to defeat them.

I ended up spending Saturday developing the artwork, most of the animations and getting controls working in Unity.

Third Day – Coding:

I spent the entire third day coding, dealing with physics and learning a lot of new things in Unity.

Final day – More Coding and Stress:

I started the day freaking out about the fact that I probably was not going to finish the game with a results screen that would give the game some kinda meaning at the end of play….well, my worries came true, so I guess I feel good that my worrying was not for nothing?  I don’t know.  Anyway, during the last 20 minutes was painful.  The console in Unity was going crazy with red flags and I was not sure what was going wrong.  Long story short, I just failed to delete a certain gameobject from hierarchy I was using for temporary purposes.  All was good after, so I built the game and submitted.

What I Failed To Do:

Produce a game with a clear objective.  Sure, it says Eat Humans, so I guess that is the objective?  Nope.  Maybe something more like eat X amount of humans withing X amount of time.  There was several different ways to go, but in the end I ran out of time to provide such an important aspect of a game.

What I Plan To Do In The Future:

Design a game with a clear and fun objective.  Although, I am pleased with what I managed to turn out during the jam.  Being this is the third game I have ever made, I still learning so much and I am pretty excited to dive back into very soon.  I also plan on doing more game jams or just challenging myself to finish something within a weeks time.  I have not done One Game a Month, though.  So, I might start there.


Here is the part where I ask the reader to go and play/rate my game…the link is below:


Leave me a comment and I will click on your avatar and rate your game within a day or two.  Thanks!

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