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August 26th, 2015 10:25 pm

monster pizza2

I’ve gotten through 30 games so far, and I have to say this dare’s submissions are some of the best I’ve played so far.  Especially to the first time developers have made some creative, hilarious games.  I’ve laughed more this competition than in all the others.

Here are some entries from first time competitors that gave me a laugh:


Lock Ness Monster: The Game by Darius

Some monsters just want a quiet day.  But after dealing with one little singing sailor, nessie just can’t get a break.  This is flipping good fun.


Small People Problems by Brainfreezeman

Billed as a stealth consumption game, I have far more fun just causing absolute bedlam in the hamlet of Happytown.


Monster Quest by FiveIronFanatic

Don’t let that title screen fool you.  The game is hilarious, and does make you think and do a bit of research while playing to get through.


Give these first time competitors a hand for making some great games right off the bat, and I hope I see more great games as I play them over the next few weeks.

(yeah, made I game too, but go play there’s today, you’ll find mine in the random list once I get my coolness up).

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