Tactical Superiority Post-Mortem

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August 26th, 2015 11:00 am

Particle Splendor

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This time around I tried something else. Historically my plan has always been to come up with an ambitious programming heavy design and get it done (with varying results). This time the theme didn’t inspire any kind of grand design so I decided to take a walk on the other side.

The very opposite side, where few programmers dare to venture..

Graphics first!

24 hours later I had created a single asset, the mech.

To do this I had to relearn my rusty Blender skills (they’d been rusting ever since last LD) and apply a hefty amount of new found graphic artist abilities on top of that:

Modelling, rigging, inverse kinematics, animating, texturing, the list goes on (no it doesn’t, but that sound more dramatic!).

The rest (not sleep, unfortunately [as you’ll soon see {foreshadowing!}])

With only one day left for programming (and modelling other assets) there was no chance to both reach for the moon and cook up a delicious pie from the sky masterpiece.

I settled for a simple design about the player, piloting a mech, attacking a non-military target thus triggering nearby militia to action.

I did come up with some further backstory in the darkest hours of my plight development process, but implementing any of that fell soundly beyond achievable limits, as did sound to that matter.

Impact (on body and soul)

Monday I got sick. I would wager a very pretty penny that this was caused by not sleeping enough thus disturbing the immune defense system from doing its job. This is the first time for me, so maybe I’m just becoming older. Nonetheless, next time there will be more naps.

The future

The cut features will be implemented in a Post Jam version. I have one additional learning opportunity to pursue, but the less I say about that the better. It might not work out.


Lessons learned

  • Sleep a bit more
  • Learning is great, but learning the tools sould be done before the jam


The next LD will be about over ambitious ideas again. It’s been a while…


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  1. Azure_Kyte says:

    Sleep is indeed an essential part of staying productive. I would also agree with the part about being familiar with the toolset you wish to use for LD. I kinda fell victim to this myself. My concept was originally going to be developed using openTK, but due to the lack of progress I decided to switch back over to Unity. It’s a bit of a cop-out, but eh.

    Great work with the mech and tanks, they look cool 😀

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