Killer Fish Post-Mortem (Gameplay/Commentary Video)

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August 26th, 2015 11:14 am

Gameplay Video

Killer Fish Compo Page

I am gonna try to write another post jam post huh. Cool. This was my second real LD. Did #32(Bird Quest) and minis between. And I love this jamming thing. It really gives courage and motivation to do something. Ok, on with the post mortem stuff.

What went right

This the post-mortem syntax right. Anyway here is a list.


Yeah, generally people says I had problems with time. Of course i would make thigs better with time but on this one I did generally everthing I wanted. Multipler system. Levels unlock one by one. Free play. A music even if its bad. Backgorund image(Not my best drawing).


I loved unity’s UI tools. It took some time and if you don’t be careful different screen sizes can make your text go away(It happens in my game sometimes. Sorry :'(  ). And unlocking areas one by one system.

-IRC and Early feedback- (1)

Here is a gif from prototyping process.(Click on it)

Just do it. Make a prototype share it people on irc and stuff. You can miss simple things or people can give cool ideas for your game mid compo. I didnt used irc on LD#32 and I feel really bad about it. Just join to community!

What went ok

-Map design-

I actually used PhotoShop as level designer. Wasn’t a great idea but that time I guess my brain halted. Then I manually added colliders.

-Pixel Art-

If you check Bird Quest you can say there are some improvements.


Did a music. With no knowledge. Thanks to Bosca Ceoil. I should learn some about music though. Thats probably disgusting for people who knows tones and notes and stuff.

What went wrong


Well. I don’t know. People did some good pickups on the theme. But my idea had to be direct because I was into jam like 6 hours I guess and i had to start.

WP_20150826_19_05_48_Pro WP_20150826_19_05_41_Pro

To do lists after deciding on fish idea. I thought about naming it crazy fish at start, apperantly.


As you see there are no animations if you don’t count random red lines flashing as blood FX. I would like to put some animations but I just didn’t. I just wanted to stop. Actually uploaded the game like 4 hours before compo ends. (Excluding submission hour.)

Here is the Timelapse

As last words, I really want to thank everyone in LD community. Thanks for being so supportive! Also please rate my game! I will return for yours! (I hope so at least) This was a good jam!

That was a long post so here are some fishers!




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